Monday, 6 February 2017

Concept of Competitiveness

The concept of competitiveness is deeply related to other concepts. That means that to quote competitiveness we have to meet in a specific context which will determine a different meaning for the word in question. The context can be economic, biological or social.

What means competitiveness?

Competitiveness is defined as the capacity of an entity or organization with or nonprofit to compete. In the field economic the competitiveness plays a role fundamental in companies and countries, defining thus the fitness of each one to keep is in the market. Comparative advantages influence a decisive since they provide scope, sustaining and improving in terms of the position socioeconomic you are.
Saying comparative advantages are involved those resources that has a company (raw material, technology, knowledge, etc) and by which stands out in comparison with another company that has them but to a lesser extent or that simply don't have.

When a company looks for competitiveness, it means that it is considering new methods of business and market strategies that offer you a positive and transcendent, and thus evolution to adapt to the current economic model.

A company achieves competitiveness based on experience and learning over the years where the influence of their leaders, shareholders, employees, the State and society mark the course of the same.
It planning

Any company wishing to increase their level of competitiveness in a period of extended time, must cope with in the first instance the use of a strategic planning. It consists of the systematization and coordination of work performed by each unit responsible for a specific task, to maximize the overall efficiency of the company and get totally optimal results.
Internal and external competitiveness

At the same time resident competitiveness in a company can be divided into internal competitiveness and external competitiveness:
Internal competitiveness is the ability that a company has to efficiently and positively exploit those resources are there. Internal competitiveness then highlights the strength of overcoming that if same and its evolutionary ability to be more efficient.

External competitiveness is then based on the achievements of a company in the context of the market. Then, we can say that external competitiveness is depending on the market model which is immersed such company, which must then analyze the dynamism of industry, innovation, etc., to achieve a level of competitiveness that allow him to survive. A time reached a level of competitiveness positive, the same is must maintain with the step of the time through the generation of new ideas future and of the exploitation of opportunities.

Competitiveness in what concerns to countries, should be stimulated directly with the State ruler. It is responsible for promoting a policy that provides the necessary conditions so that trade can develop normally among the companies.

Based on the economic sphere, the competitiveness is also found in society by means of the sport. Competitiveness in sport increases as a competition take more recognition. This competition consists of the practice of a game where are participants competing with each other, in order to win positions of honors and awards.

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