Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Spanish Translation Services

If you need a translation of Spanish to any language or of any language to Spanish, ask us budget without commitment.

Spanish Translators

Currently, the Spanish is a very active tongue and translating Spanish is one of the activities that we carry out daily at Mars Translation. This language is used both in the public arena (management, television and radio or education) and private (written press, business, production or social networks). As a result, we consider very important to offer a service of high quality translation to/from Spanish , to meet the demand of information and communication in this language. To this end, we have a team of translators to/from Spanish native qualified and efficient, carrying its task with professionalism and rigour.

Spanish is an official considered romance language in Spain and Latin American countries such as Nicaragua, Ecuador and Bolivia, as well as Panama. Despite not being official in other countries such as Argentina or Chile, the Spanish is the majority language in those territories.

For this reason, the Spanish is the second language most used in the world, with a total of 416 million native speakers. Worldwide, more than 450 million people speak Spanish, a language that has become the second language of international communication and the third most widely used on the Internet, in addition to English.

According to a study by the Instituto Cervantes, by 2030 is expected that 7.5% of the population is English-speaking. In this way, only the Chinese would surpass the Spanish as a group of speakers of native domain. In this study, also one gets to the conclusion that, within three or four generations, 10% of the world's population means the Spanish.

The growing interest for this language and its future projection are shown to be the third most studied as a foreign language, after English and French, and even beating the German. In this sense, some 20 million students study Spanish as a foreign language.

If you need translations to/from Spanish , and are looking for a good translator to/from Spanish, at Mars Translation we are here to help you.

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